Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Vista Stake Woman's Conference

Wow! What an event.

We are so happy to have been part of this well planned and extremely informative Emergency Preparedness Conference. Thank you so much for having us and making us feel welcome. We hope our information was helpful and we hope everyone uses the information learned at the lecture, posted on the website and the context in the book to now get going and make that food storage complete and easy to manage, and GREAT TASTING!

Having a 3 month food reserve and even longer is so important to have, especially if we have a children. A little planning goes a long way. We sincerely hope you take the information learned today and get to work! Now its time for a little less talk, and a whole lot more action! :)

Thanks Vista STK Relief Society Presidency for all your hard work and planning.

The Ruggles

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Food Storage isn't necessarily for disasters

I have been searching for blogs relating to food storage lately and what I have read is really concerning and down right ignorant. The many negative conceptions of food storage is showing just how short minded people can be sometimes. Yes, a good emergency preparedness plan will help you in a disaster. You should have a 72 hour kit for every member of your family. You should have a kit in your car with a change of clothes and tennis shoes in case you get stranded in an emergency away from home. AND, yes a good supply of mainly non perishable foods that you can use in a bad time is definitely needed. BUT, for all those critics who think food storage for emergencies is just plain silly, negative thinking, believing they will be caught up in the rapture and not suffering here on earth, or relying on FEMA, etc, etc, Give me a break. Can you tell now how food storage is helpful and in some cases vital for a family to survive when hard times hit. Rising food prices, loss of jobs, pay cuts, a bread winner of the family is unable to work, etc. We have so many reasons that may require a need for a little back up. Although possible, we're not necessarily talking about major disasters, food being looted of store shelves, etc. But surly a job loss is a disaster for those involved. Preparing for the future is a lost art now days. When good times are good, we love to waste. When the bubble bursts, we complain and wonder how it happened. (No one planned ahead!)
Let me take this one step further. If you have debt, you could cut your grocery spending down substantially if you use food storage to supplement your shopping, thus leaving a little extra money to pay more than your credit cards require.

Think about it. Someone has to plan for the future. In a world of billions, are we really this near sided that we cant think ahead?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food Storage Should be good and save you money. Why?

I am not sure the general stigma of food storage is expensive, gross and only for extreme emergencies. If done correctly, your food storage contains most of the items you use everyday such as rice, wheat, sugar, salt, oils, potatoes, milk and the list goes on and on. Some items last up to a year, some much longer, but if you regularly rotate your food from your storage, your storage will always be updated and it will help save those precious dollars each month from going to the store and hopefully into your savings account.
How does this work? My family powdered milk is due to expire this year. So instead of wasting it, we started buying whole milk versus the 2% we usually drink. With the whole milk, we mix half powdered milk with 1/2 whole milk. We make sure its mixed well in a blender, chilled in the fridge and were ready to go. The taste difference is virtually no existence. The kids have no idea which gallons are mixed or which are completely fresh. So, instead of spending $5.50 for two gallons, we get 4 gallons out of each $5.50.

This can be done with almost everything you have stored up. I recently have done the same formula when making mashed potatoes. The results are the same and my fresh potatoes last twice as long.

With simple steps and simply trying a little, your food budget can stretch a ton and you eat like your normally do anyways. If you have your food storage and need ideas or new recipes or need to start building a food storage, head on over to Find the 7 steps and it will teach you what to get and in what order to make your food storage effective for now and in an emergency. The book it self teaches the steps, but it also includes over 200 pages of recipes. Marlene was a gourmet chef and included all her favorite dishes to keep everyone in the family happy!

Happy Cooking!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A lot more reasons for food storage than natural disasters!

The main reason people think of food storage is to survive a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, etc. Although these happen seemingly every month throughout the world, their are other reason why a healthy amount of food storage would be more than recommend to have.
On more and more occasions, especially in our current financial situations around the world, jobs are becoming scarce and money much tighter. Even in good times, people lose jobs, have unexpected expenses and things just come up. How many times would an extra few hundred bucks come in handy?

Enter Food Storage!

It doesn't take a major problem to use your food storage. Food storage is a great way to supplement your normal everyday cooking to help stretch your food budget. By introducing food storage into your everyday diet, you will save a considerable amount of money, which is great in times when money is tight. I have a great friend that lived primarily on food storage for about a year when he was in Medical School. With his time devoted strictly on school and his wife a stay at home mother, food storage was their sustaining life line. My wife and I on occasions dip into our food storage, one, to rotate and two, its a great way to feed an entire family on less money.
Don't let the thoughts of "it will never happen to me" keep you from preparing your self and family for a rainy day. Whether a natural or personal disaster, Food Storage is your life line in troubled times. We cannot rely on others or the government when trouble hits. Its our responsibility to make sure we have what we need!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Can't we all just get... Some Food Storage?

The best quotes I have heard this past week are:
"I would think that the government has it down now with all those recent disasters we've had!" &
"A 72 hour kit should be enough, FEMA will be around to help after that!"

I couldn't believe my ears. After presenting an hour worth of information on why we all need to have at least some kind of a food storage reserve on hand, I got this response from a few people. It made me sick. Ill I could say was, hope you have fun standing in line for those long hours waiting for your 1 semi hot meal a day with all the other thousands doing the same. And that's if you even can get that.

PEOPLE, FEMA or any other arm of the government will not be able to help everyone following an emergency and nor should they. They have more important things to do! Yes they will help, but its up to us to take care of our families and let them worry about infrastructure and other needs that they are responsible for. If you need examples of this, take a look at every disaster in recent history. Katrina, Ike, the financial crises or even a personal financial crises.

We have the opportunity to get prepared, take care of our family and have what we need if the unthinkable happens. We have the responsibility to take care of our children, provide them with proper nutrition and the basic necessities of life. If we fail to prepare at least a little, how can we blame anyone else or rely on a rescue?

If this sparks a little desire to get motivated and take care of your family, log onto and that will help get you on your way to peace of mind and thinking ahead for a rainy day!